How can plexr help you?

The plexr treatment works by creating a chain of tiny dots on the skin, which activates an immediate contraction along with the tightening of the skin fibers to form a lifting, rejuvenating and remodeling effect.

Neck Tightening Using Plexr:

The neck is a subtle area which is frequently overlooked and could be vindictive if ignored. Premature ageing caused by the sun exposure as well as other ecological factors and the physiological ageing procedure could make the area lose the elasticity and come out to be fragile and dry.

Apart from non-surgical neck tightening, Plexr is as well an effective cure for:

  • Benign lesions and skin imperfections including warts, pigmentation, fibromas, sunspots and moles.

  • Tattoo removal

  • Lines and wrinkles on face.

  • Scars

  • Active acne

  • Neck and face lifting

Plexr which is also dubbed as soft surgery treatment is a useful treatment to reduce the lines and wrinkles as well as to tighten the skin. With Plexr, it is feasible to treat the area below the face and to make the neck look firmer and fresher. The plexr could also treat as well as remove all kinds of skin discoloration counting the removal of pigmentation such as the age spots in the area.

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